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Get the finest quality solutions like Transformer Less Online UPS System, Harmonic Correction Panels, Hybrid PF Correction Panels, etc.
About Us & Why SAS Powertech

We, SAS Powertech Private Limited are an independent energy management company recognized for providing unbiased reporting and sharing finding in a transparent manner. Since the year 2011 we have been presenting top-quality products like Real Time Power Factor Correction Panels, Double Conversion Online UPS Systems, Harmonic Correction Panels, etc., as a supplier, trader and exporter. We also are a service provider and give services like Arc Flash Analysis Study ETAP Based Services, Power Quality Auditing Services, etc. We provide services for increasing uptime and improving electrical safety in a facility, and we inspect and assist in achieving required compliance for safety regulations. We have clients in India, Middle East and Southeast Asia and we are constantly seeking additional areas to deliver our services. Our professional auditors have over 35 years of expertise and they are equipped with modern, high-end testing and measuring equipment for data collecting.

Our Mission

The mission of our company is to study and report, transparent, unbiased assessment of installed or to be installed energy infrastructure (including but not limited to electrical energy) of industries in order to help them optimize consumption of energy, have secure, reliable and statutorily compliant energy infrastructure in accordance with the newest application national and international standards.

Application of Products

Our products like Double Conversion Online UPS Systems, Harmonic Correction Panels, Real Time Power Factor Correction Panels, etc., find their applications in various process industries like FMCG, food, pharma, chemical, petrochemicals, rubber, steel, cement, plastics, etc. They are also used in engineering industry and manufacturing industry like automotive manufacturing, forging industry, tyre manufacturing, electronics, machining industry, capital equipment, foundry, manufacturer / OEM, hotel & leisure, hospitals, IT & ITES, consultant, banking & financial services, educational institutions, contractor, textile industry, energy sector, etc.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a mature and well-respected organization in the field of energy optimisation and industrial safety, providing energy and safety evaluations to customers across the world by utilizing skilled, experienced personnel, innovative test and measuring equipment and software tools.

Why Us?- Primary Competitive Advantage

The primary competitive advantage of our company which help us being distinguished in the market and progress ourselves are as follows:

  • We are a completely independent agency with no ties or affiliation with product manufacturers.
  • We have over 35 years of experience in increasing uptime and lowering energy consumption.
  • We have a chartered electrical engineer and an energy auditor on board.
  • We have cutting-edge testing and measurement equipment.
  • We use world-renowned ETAP software for carrying out electrical system studies.
  • We have completed more than 1000 audits successfully.
  • We have a diverse client base which includes Fortune 500 and Bluechip companies from all over India.
  • We only deliver highest quality goods such as Harmonic Correction Panels, Real Time Power Factor Correction Panels, Double Conversion Online UPS Systems, etc.

Industry List

Below is the list of industries we serve:

  • Automotive & Automotive Ancillary- Low energy costs and improved facility uptime are critical characteristics for this industry. Our company assists various businesses in lowering their operating energy costs while also improving the uptime and safety of their electrical systems.
  • Engineering Industry & OEM- It is the most competitive industry in the world, and it must evaluate and improve its energy performance on a regular basis, as well as track its safety performance to guarantee compliance with client requirements. Our company assists industries in these areas in achieving both through different Audit Services, as well as providing Intelligent Electrical Documentation to assist them in achieving compliances.
  • Chemical, Pharmaceuticals & Paints- For this Industry vertical, downtime entails a loss of costly energy as well as raw materials and machine hours. Our company promotes improved Energy Efficiency of the Electrical & Mechanical Utilities through its Energy Audits and helps to maintain greater uptime and working safety for these Continuos Process Industries through Electrical Hazard Detection studies.
  • Hotels, Hospitals & Institutional- This people-centric industry has a high volume of visitors, and their safety is of the utmost importance. Our company improves the electrical safety of these facilities through safety audits and assists them in meeting the different safety standards relevant with its Intelligent Electrical Documentation. We also offer redundancy solutions for its important loads.
  • FMCG & Food Industries- With most utility kinds present and very severe compliance standards, this is a highly competitive and essential Industry. Our company enables improved energy cost control through its energy audits and assists in achieving electrical safety compliance for their facilities by offering full intelligent electrical documentation.
  • Core Sector Industries- These energy-intensive industries also have their own cogeneration plants to meet their ever-increasing energy demand and to keep their production costs under control. Higher uptime is required to guarantee that the processes run without interruption. Our company provides special services for these sectors using ETAP software, such as short circuit and relay coordination studies, electrical system reliability studies, and electrical safety studies.


We have been serving the customers top-notch products like Real Time Power Factor Correction Panels, Double Conversion Online UPS Systems, Harmonic Correction Panels, etc. Moreover, our clients from various different industries are as follows:

Chemical, Pharmaceuticals & Paints

Hotels, Hospitals & Institutional

Automotive & Automotive Ancillary

FMCG & Food Industries

Engineering Industry & OEMs

Core Sector Industries

  • Cipla
  • Clariant
  • Lupin
  • Watson Pharmaceuticals
  • Mylan
  • Mankind
  • Kansai Nerolac Paints Limited
  • Madhu Silica Pvt. Ltd.
  • Vinati Organics Limited
  • Emcure
  • Reichhold
  • Jotun

  • Fortis
  • Taj
  • Marriott
  • Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital
  • Vivanta By Taj
  • Surya Hospitals
  • Bahrain Speciality Hospitals and Clinics
  • Novotel Hotels & Resorts
  • Symbiosis International University

  • Good Year
  • JCB
  • Bajaj
  • Hirschvogel Automotive Group
  • Carraro
  • Cummins
  • Spark Minda
  • Mahindra Auto Steel
  • Taikisha Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.
  • John Deere
  • DSM
  • Cooper

  • Kelloggs
  • Coca Cola
  • Ferrero
  • Keventer
  • Dorsogna
  • Parag
  • Pepsico India

  • GE
  • Midal Cables
  • PIX
  • Sandvik

  • Bharat Forge
  • Kalyani
  • Maharashtra Seamless Limited
  • Aditya Birla Hindalco

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